Thanks for visiting this page. If you clicked on this page, I am guessing two things: You (1) want to work with me or (2) want to give me feedback on my work. Wither ways, I’m glad you clocked. So, let’s get into it:

Work With Me

If you are still reading and interested in this part of the page, it means you want us to make something meaningful together! So here I will give you a few choices of what I can offer:

  1. SEO Content Marketing: One thing this travel blog has taught me is to hone my skills and turn them into working opportunities. I support personal brands around the world develop their digital marketing strategies with a focus on SEO, Blog Writing, Copywriting, and Social Media Management. My clients are mostly online businesses, personal brands – coaches in the health and wellness industry and Online Marketing Managers who need some extra support! 
  2. Freelance Writing : You have probably already read a few of my writings that lead you to here. So if you like my tone, wit and ability to find the smallest things super exciting, give me a shout! I would love to write for you or for your website. I enjoy writing about ecotourism, food, culture and self-improvement.
  3. Sponsored Writing and Reviews : If you want me to write on my own blog about something you want to promote and you believe aligns with the mission and vision of my work, let me know ! I would be interested in covering topics ranging between reviews, experiences and products.
  4. Instagram: My Instagram page is where I share my traveling and food adventures. I also show my daily activities and routine on my Instastories. If you want to collaborate with me on Instagram, email me! 
  5. Collaborations : If you are a creative yourself and feel that our ideas align (or oppose in a very healthy way) then do not hesitate to reach out! I love making new friends and collaborating, discussing and debating topics. Let’s make some magic! 
  6. Video: If you would like to collaborate with me or feature me in your food or travel videos, give me a shout! I tend to get very expressive when eating somewhere new and love sneaking into the kitchen/ cooking areas to find out what the chef is up to!

Talk to Me

  1. Feedback: If there is anything on my website, Facebook page or Instagram page that you have found offensive, misinforming, or simply not true, please let me know. If there is something that you really liked, let me know about that too! And if there is something you think I should really talk about because, after spending time on my blog, it’s just surprising that I have not written about it yet, message me! I strive to bring value to my readers and create positive change so I welcome constructive criticism with a smile.

How to contact me?

There are 2 main ways you can contact me:

  1. By email on chadveebitebybite@gmail.com
  2. On Facebook Messenger on my FB Page Chadvee Bite by Bite

I hope to hear from you soon!



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    August 19, 2021


    I’m having a new website built and need someone talented to take my current content, tweek it, and organize it into my new website pages….

    Is this something your team can help with me?

    Thank you!

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Hi! My name is Chadvee, welcome to my blog! An ENTP digital marketing strategist with a loud personality and a risk-taker when it comes to trying new street food, I blog about food, travels and lifestyle. In a parallel world, my life is a musical and I break into a love song every time I try my favourite noodle dish.