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I write. Also, I like hiking.

A Vancouver SEO copywriter who is making her way through the world one bite at a time (That’s your cue to check the food section in my Travel blog – just make sure you have a snack on hand, you’ve been warned.)

Hey there! I’m Chadvee, your SEO Copywriter from Vancouver, BC.

Thanks for being here! You’re probably looking for someone to help you with that thing that you really don’t like or just don’t have time doing – SEO Content Writing (or copy?)! Hey, I get it! Content writing takes time! Lucky for you, years of doing it has made me quite the content writing expert 😉

And SEO is a whole other topic! What is this SEO thing that all marketers are raving about anyway! Well to make it short (and we sure love short) SEO just means that when you write something, the Google Gods are blessing it and showing you off to your audience. AKA, you’re ranking on top results of Google searches! Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Of course, it would, that’s why you’re here!

What I do as an SEO Copywriter

I write SEO content and copy for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to make a difference.

– Chadvee (yes, that’s me!)

I work with freelancers, small business owners and personal brands to help give life to their website with SEO copywriting and communicate genuine informative content to their target audience.

I believe that true marketing is when you give genuine information to enrich your target’s audience life- regardless if they choose to buy your product or not. They will still pass on the positive message to others.

No, I don’t write sales-y content. I create intentional content that persuades buyers to choose you over others because they trust you care about them.

You’re in very very very good company

I might a Vancouver based SEO copywriter, but my copywriting work has found itself published all over the world.

As you know, I created SEO content and copy for Freelancers, Small Business Owners and Personal Brands. Brands like,

Chadvee has been writing high-quality, and very well researched, blog articles for TestGorilla. It’s a real pleasure to work with her and I´m impressed by how she manages to adjust the tone-of-voice and content of her work to our brand. Highly recommend working with her!

– Wouter D., TestGorilla

Wanna see how I write tasty SEO copy?

This travel blog was how it all started. It tells the story of my growth from the “Dear Diary” gal I was to the SEO copywriter I’ve become now. But before your eyes tear up, let’s switch the topic to the real thing you are after here. Writing samples. Here goes!

Home Decor/ Lifestyle:

Freelancer/ Service Based Business:

B2B :

Travel and food (obviously!):

Want some Instagram copy? It can look like this:

Still having doubts? As per tradition, enter the screenshots of good SEO writing here:

Vancouver seo copywriter for
my blog in snippet for “gifts for minimalist boyfriend”
Vancouver seo copywriter for sukhi brand
My client’s getting 500+ monthly traffic from this blog!

Pretty cool, eh? That’s some seo copywriting done well! What if your blog post was up there too? Just imagine what would happen next!

Why you should hire me (but really, you’ve already made up your mind by now)

I listen: I listen to you when you tell me what it is that you are looking for in the first place. And I take feedback positively and act upon it asap.

I respond: I read and respond to every email, and try my best to as available as possible while working remotely with your team.

I care: I care about your business, your product and your customers. This is not just a job for me, it’s a way to be involved with a team that is offering a great product or service in the world.

I adapt: I adapt well to changes. If your business goals, ideas or the external environment changes, I adapt to it and work with you to produce great content.

I’m fun: I think Dad jokes are funny and have a “worry less-act more” approach to life.

I get you!: If you are still reading, chances are you are someone who left the 9-5 to create a work lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Although I am an SEO copywriter based in Vancouver, I love to travel around the world and my career has given me the flexibility to do so. I know that as a freelancer, coach, consultant or small business owner, we will connect on this level and make magical things happen!

Some other stuff:

My favorite marketers: Seth Godin and Marie Forleo

My go-to website to learn from: HubSpot

SEO guys I love: Neil Patel and Brian Dean

SEO Content Writer I look up to: Julia McCoy

My personality type: ENTP

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to write an SEO-optimized blog, contact Chadvee. She’s amazing to work with and really knows her stuff. 😊

– Christine, online marketing strategist

Okay, this looks good. So what about my rates?

Don’t you hate it when you aren’t told what price things are? Like, imagine walking in a supermarket and only finding out what that jar of Kimchi costs once you ring it at the counter. Argh- that’s not what you expected! Well, I got you, friend.

Rates (USD) for SEO content writing/ blogging

800-1000 words
Best for: Overview articles that don’t require in-depth research
Price: $150
1500- 2000 words
Best for: Suitable for focusing on one topic
Price: $250
2000- 3000 words
Best for:
Perfect for exploring a difficult topic from several perspectives
Price: $400
Best for:
Exclusive research article that covers all possible aspects of the topic
Price: $500+

Rates for Web Copywriting

I’ll have to admit this one is a bit tougher to tell you right without knowing exactly what you need.

But I’ll tell you this, web copy prices vary depending on:

1. How many pages you need.

2. How much information you are able to give to me (don’t worry, I have cultivated a simple yet effective process to get all those answers you might already have but just don’t know it!!)

3. If I will be editing content on current website or if you need me to write from scratch.

I usually charge a minimum of $300 for an About Me page and $550 for an Offer Page.

Rates for Social Media Copy

If you’ve been DIY-ing your socials, you’ve probably realized by now that posting selfies or drowning your captions in emojis with #instadaily is not gonna cut it. As a content strategist (yeah, I do that too!), I have been able to marry my social media management skills with tasty copywriting to create informative yet light and fun copy for social me posts. Posts like these!

Rates: From $500/month for planning your weekly content on Instagram, Instagram Stories, (and Facebook- optional), writing your copy and scheduling and engaging with your audience.

All prices include:

Looking for an SEO copywriter to write and edit your cool e-book, I’d be happy to have a look at it! Reach out and let’s do it!

Next step? Just email me at

See ya on the other side, friend!


PS: here’s my LinkedIn if you are into that sorta thing. You’ll see all the high achiever stuff I’m into. My friends used to call me Hermione back in school – no you’re wrong, they were referring to the bushy hair!

PPS: Did you know that I am also Content Marketing and Copywriting certified at Digital Marketer too? Yeah, I know..I’m a nerd!