Whistler on a Budget in Summer: 5 Things to do

August 30, 2018

Contemplating a trip to Whistler but running low on cash this summer? There are actually plenty things you can do in Whistler on a budget this summer! For students especially, finding things to do on a budget allows you to experience a great summer in one of the most iconic places in Canada – Whistler.

Whistler sounds exciting – just the name of it, don’t you think? What’s the first thing you do when your boyfriend announces you that you’re going somewhere? Google images and Instagram, of course! You smile back and tell him how amazing he is, while ravenously scrolling down the thousands of pictures online to see whether this is the place is as good as he claims it to be. I felt I would like this place. But you know what, I LOVE this place. I only had 2 days to spend there and we spent the night prior to departure planning the best and ‘broke-student’ friendly trip to Whistler. Let me break it down to you.

In Whistler on a budget? Air BNB is your friend!

We booked an Air BNB for 3 only a few days prior the trip and paid less than $100 each for two nights.

These are relatively cheap prices but here are a few notes:

  1. If we had more notice and booked it before we would have snatched a much cheaper deal.
  2. This was in August – the peak summer holiday month. Going in April or May would have have offered much cheaper accommodation prices.
  3. Location-wise, our Air BnB was in the middle of one of the bustling Whisper villages with shopping, restaurants and fun activities.

So, make sure to check Air BnB next time you plan a budget trip to Whistler in summer!

What to do in Whistler in Summer?

You booked your Air BNB room/ apartment and your check-in time is 2 p.m..  You want to make the most of the day and decide to arrive at Whisper at 10 a.m.. Your default plan is to spend some time shopping, probably get some lunch, probably get some drinks. Basically, spend money and time doing things that are just not worth coming out here for. Being a student, I try to refrain from overspending. I also had limited time in this beautiful town.

Although Whistler is most known for its winter activities, there are still plenty to do in summer. On hot days, you can go swimming in the multiple lakes around, try kayaking and or even grab some mountain bikes and ride down the slopes.

I opted for a more chill option on my arrival so I headed straight to Alta Lake. So do this: leave all your stuff in the car and just enjoy the few hours you have by the water, have some ice cream and rent a canoe.

Alta Lake – the best of all lakes as Whistler

For those who have very limited time at Whistler, I urge you to go to Alta Lake. I’m not the only one to recommend this. I spoke to one of the staff members around the village and he told me that Alta Lake was the warmest lake to swim in and do some fun water activities in: kayaking, canoeing, paddling and so much more.

It was only a mere coincidence that we picked Alta as our first destination to enjoy the few hours we had before our check-in time. And I left with no regrets. We went for a quick dip. On such a hot day, I found relief in the cool water, relaxed in a starfish float and gazed at the funny cloud shapes in the blue sky.  We then rented a canoe and I realised how bad I was at rowing. So I made the strategic choice to rent a double canoe 😛

Peak to Peak feels like a dream

Have you ever just looked around you and felt that you were put in a landscape art tableau? Many places around the world can give you that feeling, and Whistler definitely is one of those places.

Although I visited Whistler during the hot month of August, the mountains tops still saved some snow melting slowly into a mix of colours. The blue skies, white mountain tops, green forest and azure lakes are fit for a Louis Armstrong song.  For only about $63, this place will definitely take your breath away!

Book in advance!

One mistake I made when going to Whistler, was not to book some of the activities in advance. Blame it on how short notice my trip was. If you have more time to plan yours, make sure to check some of the cool activities you can book in advance. In my case, I, unfortunately, was not able to go rafting as it required a 3-day advance booking. So, make sure you check the activities list and book anything you really want to do if you have to!

Honorary Mentions

After 2 days of giggles, face-stuffing and sunburns, I headed back home, lightheaded. Whistler is definitely a place you need to go to if you are looking for a spectacular getaway from your daily routine. The mountains, lakes, skies, cute villages and people will gratify you with memories you will never forget. Before penning off, here are a few activities I was not able to do myself, but I feel should definitely make the list. Thrill seekers, check out Mountain Biking. Water-lovers, make your way to Lost Lake without getting “lost”. No joke, we walked an hour trying to find this place, didn’t and just gave up! Luckily, you catch a free shuttle to it instead (which we did the next day). And, finally, don’t forget to take a picture in the Winter Olympic Village just because 😊

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