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Which countries are visa free for Mauritius passport holders?

April 14, 2019

Did you know that as a Mauritian (or Mauritian passport-holder) you have a passport that allows you visa free access to up to 143 countries (and counting) in the world?? That means there are 143 (and counting) countries that are visa free for Mauritius passport holders!

I bet you never thought your tiny island could be so great (ranked 29th on the best passport list)! Here is a list of countries you can go to without a visa.

Visa Free countries for Mauritius Passport holders : The Ultimate List!

Region: Europe (Schengen)

Familiar with the Schengen Visa? It allows Mauritians access to EU countries for upto 90 days. And that’s about to change! In 2021, Mauritians will be able to apply for a Visa Waiver known as the ETIAS (European Travel Information Authorization System). The waiver will be valid upto 3 years! You can apply for the ETIAS at least 72 hours before departure.

Country: United Kingdom

No visa required when entering and staying in the U.K. up to 6 months.

Country: Greenland

No Visa required when traveling to Greenland

Region: Eastern Europe and Russia

No visa required when traveling to Russia up to 90 days. No visa required in these Eastern European countries: Croatia (3 months), Romania (3 months), Moldova (3 months), Bulgaria (3 months), Montenegro (3 months), Bosnia and Herzegovina (3 months), Albania (3 months), Kosovo (3 months), Macedonia (3 months). Update: Go to Georgia FOR 1 YEAR without a visa!!

Region: Middle East

Dubai and Abu Dhabi – no visa required. You actually get a visa on arrival for 30 days and do not require to apply for it in advance. Here’s a good excuse to fly Emirates! 🙂

Region: Central and South America

No visa required for the following countries : Barbados (6 months), Dominica (6 month), Montserrat, British Virgin Islands, Dominica (6 months), Antigua and Barbuda (3 months), Dominican Republic (6 months), Haiti (3 months), Jamaica, Bahamas (3 months), Cayman Islands, Costa Rica (3 months), Panama (180 days), Belize, French Guiana (Danish rules apply), Ecuador (3 months), Chile (3 months).

Region: Africa

Being a member of the SADC has its advantages. Travel to the following countries visa free: South Africa (30 days), Namibia (3 months), Angola (30 days), Botswana (3 months), Zimbabwe (3 months), Zambia (3 months), Mozambique (3 months), Tanzania (3 months), Kenya (3 months), Uganda (3 months), Malawi (3 months), Rwanda (3 months), Gabon, Benin (3 months), Ghana (2 months), Gambia (3 months), Tunisia (3 months).
PS: we do not need a visa to visit our neighbour, Reunion Island.

Region: Asia

No visa required when you are travelling to China (2 months), Hong Kong (3 months), Japan (3 months), and South Korea (30 days)

Region : South East Asia

I have been travelling in South East Asia a lot this year and I must say: I wish I had done my research better. Hopefully, you will be reading this before booking your flights, thus saving you the hassle and stress from opening a million tabs on your browser. South East Asia is beautiful and cheap (read about my Malaysia adventures here). And you also do not need to worry about visas in the following countries : Malaysia (30 days), Singapore (30 days), Philippines (30 days), Indonesia (30 days). For those wondering Indonesia includes Bali (YES all those amazing Instagram photos you have been seeing!), Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Timor, Maluka and Papua New Guinea. Here is a complete list of the Indonesian islands.

Country: New Zealand

Mauritians no longer require to have a visa to go to New Zealand up to 3 months!

Visa free countries for Mauritius Passports Are Growing

More and more countries are recognizing Mauritius and no longer requiring a visa. New Zealand, South Korea and more European countries have recently joined the list. Do not assume that, as a Mauritian, traveling will be hard. Chances are you might be pleasantly surprised 🙂

If you are planning your next holiday and are flexible with dates, this website tells you what the cheapest day or month to fly is. Just make sure to type in destination where you would most likely get a direct flight so that you can find your best deal!

There you go! I hope this list makes you realise that traveling does not have to be hard! Make sure to use this list when planning your travels, you might be able to fit more countries than you expected in one trip and create even more memories!

Psst psst: Proud of being Mauritian? Here’s a list of 10 Things only Mauritians do I came up with! Check it out!

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Visa free countries for mauritius passport

Happy travel planning!


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      We are so much better off than I thought haha

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